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Are pre-nuptial agreements legal

Marital Agreements Yet again we have a Government that is not prepared to make the law clear. Last year the judges tried to make the law clear but made a hash of it. Only one of the judges in the Supreme Court was a family lawyer, and that judge did not agree with the majority […]

Private Investigations

Private Investigations, Services & Discreet CCVT Operating Systems Do you suspect that someone might be stealing from your office, home or business? The thought of someone stealing from you is difficult enough, let alone having to deal with finding the culprit or perpetrator. But don’t worry, here we list a number of ways from inexpensive […]

The facts about taking statements

By using ex-Police Officers to take statements, we are confident of being able to properly take a statement, whether for civil or criminal proceedings. All our statements are proof-read and supplied to the client in a typed format. Our statement-takers never rush into taking a written statement without firstly putting the witness at ease and […]


We have dedicated personnel whose aim is to trace individuals or businesses for our clients, for any number of reasons. Where we fail to trace the person you are seeking, phase two of our process is to engage a special tracing company, which are very adept at finding those people who do not wish to […]