private investigation services with cctv

Private Investigations, Services & Discreet CCVT Operating Systems

Do you suspect that someone might be stealing from your office, home or business?

The thought of someone stealing from you is difficult enough, let alone having to deal with finding the culprit or perpetrator.

But don’t worry, here we list a number of ways from inexpensive to pricier options that will help save you money and keep your valuables protected.

  1. Hire a private investigator: This is often one of the most expensive routes, but it can help you find the exact answers you need. Because it is within the private sector, you can also expect the investigator to be very discreet, which can be very helpful if you are building a case. Contact us for more.
  2. Baiting them yourself: This is not entirely recommended, as the person who is stealing from you is probably not a nice person anyway. Baiting them and catching them yourself without the intervention of professionals can be difficult, overwhelming and scary. Plus, you want to make sure you get concrete proof if you wish to investigate this further. Learn more about catching a thief here.
  3. Advanced CCTV installations: We’re not just talking about the everyday camera that you can buy off Amazon. These products tend to be not so discreet, and not so effective, especially when it comes to keeping business premises safe. Let CCTV do all the hard work for you and get the evidence you need without being involved face-to-face. CCTV installations can be a cost-effective way to keep your premises secure with some systems being so advanced they can dedicate and alert you to small movements, which is great for dark areas or small passageways. Explore systems here.
  4. Install an alarm system: Great deterrents, alarm systems very obviously shout out if there is an intruder on your property. Some of the better, more expensive alarm systems like ADT, which actually alert the authorities straight away to a break-in, which police respond to very quickly. Learn more.

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